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City of Rockford Plans for 2019 Spring Street-Sweeping

posted Mar 28, 2019, 6:14 PM by Web Master

In response to a question from the Association on the City's plans for street-sweeping this spring, Mark Stockman, the City's Director of Public Works, provided the following information:

"Pinpointing exact date(s) a neighborhood will be swept is difficult as there are too many factors that affect our progress (weather, amount of material on the streets, equipment breakdowns, etc.).  Public Works ("PW") sends out a press release every Thursday during the sweeping season highlighting the areas where sweepers will be working.  We use the same maps for residential sweeping as we do for snow plowing.  

Initially, we will be sweeping all of the arterial and collector level streets.  This takes about 2 weeks.  I suspect full residential sweeping will begin in mid-April.  Keeping in mind there are 24 routes of which we can only sweep 3 or 4 concurrently, it will take until approximately mid-June to complete.  

When scheduling the routes we are looking back to see in what order they were swept the previous year and adjust accordingly so that whoever was swept first last year may be last this year.  PW does follow a logical sequence in the schedule to gain efficiencies so that sweepers aren't moving thru the various points throughout the city in a seemingly haphazard manner.  

My recommendation is that residents visit the City website each Friday where the schedule for the following week will be posted (  The City’s Public Information Officer also publishes this information on social media as well.  


Thank you,

Mark Stockman

Director of Public Works

779 348-7633