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Snow Reminder from the City of Rockford

posted Jan 11, 2012, 10:00 PM by Web Master
Here's a reminder from the City in advance of what will probably be the first Snow Emergency of 2012:

"With the likelihood of snow in the forecast, the Rockford Police Department would like to remind citizens to reduce their speeds when the weather is bad. Plan ahead and give yourself extra travel time. Minimize your distractions and never use cell phone texting while driving in any weather. Drive safe this winter.

 Snow Removal

Do you know where your car should be parked?   Whenever the city declares a snow emergency, the even/odd parking ordinance goes into effect and you can receive a $50 ticket if you don’t follow it.  For anyone not sure of how the even/odd parking ordinance works, here’s how it works:

·         What is the even/odd parking ordinance? During a snow emergency, street parking across the city is limited to one side of the street. On even-numbered days, parking is permitted on the even side of the street. On odd-numbered days, parking is permitted on the odd side of the street. The even side of the street is the side where the addresses end in an even number. The odd side of the street is the side where the addresses end in an odd number. The time to switch from one side of the street to the other is 8 a.m.

·         Why does the city have an even/odd parking ordinance? Street crews need as much space as possible to safely maneuver snow plows and salt trucks up and down the city’s streets. Having vehicles parked on only side of the street allows more room for snow- and ice-removal vehicles to do their job.

 ·         Will I get a ticket if I’m parked on the wrong side of the street during a snow emergency? You might be issued a $50 ticket for violating the ordinance if an officer arrives on your street and your vehicle is parked on the wrong side. If you receive a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street during a snow emergency, you can appeal the ticket through a hearing process.

·         How do you know whether a snow emergency is in effect? The city issues notices announcing the declaration and lifting of snow emergencies to local media outlets. It also posts the information on the city’s Web site If you are unsure whether a snow emergency is in effect, you can call the city’s public works department at 815-987-5771. If snow plows are out on the streets, if it’s snowing or if there’s a forecast for more than two inches of snow, it’s likely that snow emergency has been or will be called.

 ·         Can I park on the wrong side of the street during a snow emergency if the street already has been cleared? No. The even/odd parking ordinance is in effect until the snow emergency is lifted. Plows might need to return to the street. Residents are advised to follow the ordinance regardless of whether their street has been plowed.

The best thing to do, if possible, is to get your car off the street and in your garage or driveway."