Garage Sale Committee

Chairpersons:       Sally Mark (815 289-2916)

Selling Food at the Garage Sale? 
You must have a Temporary Food Permit from the Winnebago County Health Department!

The Winnebago County Health Department has rules about selling food in connection with the Garage Sale.  In previous years, the Health Department has come through the Grove and found several parties in violation of these rules.

 A permit purchased at least two weeks before the date of the Garage Sale should cost about $35; permit prices increase if the application is submitted later than that.  Please contact the Health Department to check the pricing and other details.

Pre-packaged/sealed items are likely allowed but, again, please check the details with the Health Department.

Call the Winnebago County Health Department's Division of Environmental Health for more information, at 815-720-4000

"Garage Sale Leftovers?" Donate them!

Got things leftover from the garage sale? Here are some donation destinations:

a) Mom's Angels: 
Mom's Angels will pick up your leftovers from garage sale if you place them w/ a sign on items "Moms Angels" near driveway or alley garage. They will start driving thru neighborhood around 4:30- 5:00. You can call (815) 312-1533 for pickup for another day.

b) Victory Outreach: 815-961-8583.
Special need for furniture,
appliances, dishes & general household items...they will pick up at your home.

c) St. Elizabeth’s Center:
1505 S. Main St. drop off door on Heath St. & Main
Rockford, IL 61102
clothing, household items

d) Carpenter’s Place: 
1149 Railroad Ave…by Benson Stone on 11th St.
men’s clothing, & household items

e) Computers for Schools: 7200 Clinton Ave. Loves Park across from Post Office
Jack Armstrong or Steve
Tues., Thurs. & Sat. from 8:30-11:30.  Pentiums 3 or 4 or better.
Will take computers, printers, fax machines, & scanners.

f) WAVE: 544-1866.
 Cell phones programmed to 911; ask about
other items. Tax receipts given.

g) Rock River Reclamation:
3333 Kishwaukee At Sandy Hollow. 815-387-7400
Sat 8AM - 4PM / Sun 12PM - 4PM - paint, batteries, and flourescent bulbs. Call for other items.

h) ReStore: Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity
7141 Harrison Ave.
Call anytime for info & to donate materials. Habitat ReStore are retail outlets where quality used & surplus building materials are sold at a fraction of normal prices. Proceeds from ReStores help local affiliates. You can donate materials & purchase materials at ReStore.

Please Place a Trash Can at Your Sale Site.

Additional Info and Helpful Hints:

- Shoppers are not allowed to drive down the alleys during the sale. If you sell large items, be prepared to give them a note with your address and ask them to return for pick-up after 5pm.

- Please display your house address on your garage if your sale is in the alley.  This helps "customers" find you using the Grove's sale list.  It also can be a lifesaver if police or emergency responders need to find the address!

- Parking rules will be enforced strictly during the sale. One year,  because cars were parked too close to an alley entrance, an ambulance could not get to a shopper who collapsed. Since then, safety has been a big concern to Fire and Police!

- Be ready for Early Birds - Shoppers start early, often showing up even before 8am.