Property Standards Committee

Sally Mark
Deanna Wilcox-Sandberg (815-962-3768)

Click here to go to the City of Rockford's webpage resources on Property Standards.

Do you have complaints about the appearance of a nearby property?
If so, you can call the City of Rockford's Neighborhood Standards Section at 779-348-7160
  to request the City to act on the matter. 

Various types of Non-Structural issues which can form the basis of a complaint include:
  • Abandoned or inoperable vehicles
  • Weeds or grass over 12 inches
  • Garbage near garages, houses, buildings, or curbs
  • Vehicles parked on the grass
  • Outside storage of oversized vehicles and boats
Property Standards Checklist
By clicking on the link at the bottom of this page, you can download and review a
copy of the Churchill's Grove, Inc. Property Violations Checklist.  If you are concerned about violations of property standards in the Checklist, please note the address, check the item(s) relating to the violation(s) and deliver the checklist to Sally Mark or Deanna Sandberg of the Property Standards committee, who will decide what action should be taken. 

It is the goal of the neighborhood association, through the use of the Checklist, to reduce the likelihood that a violation becomes something only the City can handle by way of the dispatch of a City employee for an inspection, letter and follow up. 

Tree care along the streets in the Grove
The City requires homeowners to obtain a permit before planting or removing a tree in the "street terrace", which is the area between the sidewalk and the street curb.  You can review and download a copy of the required city permit and its instructions by clicking on the relevant attachment shown below.  Fill out the permit and submit it to the City for processing.
For info on garbage collection and recycling in Churchill's Grove, please click here.
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