Association Mission and Purpose

Incorporated in 1978, the Churchill’s Grove Neighborhood Association is a not-for-profit membership organization and is registered with the State of Illinois as Churchill’s Grove, Inc., a domestic nonprofit corporation. 

The objective of the Association is to support efforts at improving the quality of life in our community for all residents. By participating in the activities of the Churchill’s Grove Neighborhood Association, citizens join together to leverage their individual resources.  The goals of the Association include the desire:

·         To promote pride in the neighborhood and the City,

·         To improve, preserve and beautify all public areas within our boundaries, and prevent physical deterioration and preserve the traditions, architecture and scenic appearance through enforcement of local regulations and codes, and

·         To encourage and promote community projects which contribute to the general welfare of the community.

Our neighborhood association sustains what is best about our community now and ensures that we accomplish our future goals.  With over thirty years of community involvement, the Association, through the experience and perseverance of its members, makes a difference.

All area residents and businesses are welcome and are encouraged to participate in the Association!