House Hunters COMES TO Churchill's Grove

Churchill's Grove Gets 15 minutes of fame

By Anna Derocher

Churchill's Grove Newsletter | April 2023

Social media lit up in early March 2023 when a couple relocating from Louisville to Rockford appeared on House Hunters, the popular HGTV program.


Last fall, Maya and Brandon, saw three Rockford homes – a 1915 Craftsman on Camp Avenue in Churchill’s Grove, a 1958 ranch on Wesleyan Avenue and a 1900 duplex on South Gardiner Avenue. While the show didn’t reveal the homes’ locations, social media commenters quickly identified them.


Each of the homes had its perks. The Camp Avenue house featured original wood floors, coffered ceilings and a large kitchen. The Wesleyan Avenue house had a big backyard and space for Maya’s mom who planned to move from Bozeman, Montana, to live with the couple. The duplex on South Gardiner Avenue gave Maya’s mom her own separate home.


Which did they pick?


(Warning, spoiler alert below.)


Maya and Brandon chose the home in Churchill’s Grove because they could be in the “heart of town.” They also appreciated its cozy feel.


“The kitchen is big enough,” Brandon said. “I cannot wait to cook and really host my whole family here.”


“The style was just perfect,” Maya said. “And I really loved the unique details.”


We couldn’t agree more. And welcome to the Grove, Maya and Brandon.


While it originally aired on March 1, you can record or watch “Unique Details in Illinois” on April 22 or 23 when it airs again on HGTV. Or find House Hunters on your streaming service and look for the Season 228, Episode 8 to watch.


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