Snow Plowing for the Grove's Alleys

Alley Plowing
Your Churchill's Grove's Neighborhood Association uses its best efforts each winter to organize the plowing of the alleys within the Grove after heavier snowfalls.  Recent winters have ranged from brutal to mild, with quite a range of snowfall, but the need for plowing of our neighborhood alleys is inevitable.

The Neighborhood Association's arrangement with a private snow-plowing contractor is that the contractor will generally plow the alleys in the Grove after snow accumulation in the alleys exceeds 3 inches.  

Nonetheless, there may be occasions of such snow accumulation when the alleys cannot be plowed promptly or, sometimes, at all. The Neighborhood Association shall have no liability arising from any plowing, or from any lack of plowing, that is performed at its request by the private contractor.

Paying for Plowing
The costs for such snow plowing are paid by annual contributions to the Association made by Neighborhood residents who live on alleys and who benefit from the plowing services. 

If you live on an alley, please help carry your fair share of the costs by contributing $25 per household.  This covers an entire season of plowing. This is a good value, as most contractors will quote you a price close to that for a single plowing!  The Neighborhood Association can organize this service only to the extent contributions from our residents are available. Alley plowing will cease if the funds are depleted.  

Also, if you have concerns about snow-plowing services but have not contributed to the snow-plowing fund this year, please understand that Association representatives must give priority to responding to requests from those neighborhood residents who have contributed to the fund!

You have two easy options to contribute:

1) By mail:  Your personal check for $25 (note "Plowing" in memo line) can be mailed to:

Churchill's Grove Inc.

c/o Sally Mark

1526 Harlem Blvd.

Rockford, IL  61103

2) Online: You can also pay via credit card or PayPal account. Just click on the "Snow Plowing" link* below

** By clicking on "Add to Cart" above, you agree that neither Churchill's Grove Neighborhood Association, nor any of its officers, directors, or other representatives shall have any liability whatsoever arising from any snow-plowing, or from any lack of plowing, that is performed in Churchill's Grove.

Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

*Please remember that your snow-plowing contributions are not tax-deductible.