Membership Committee

Committee Chairperson:

Duane Wilke, 1419 Post Ave., Rockford, IL  61103. 

The Membership Committee serves some important functions for the association:

1) When the Committee learns of a new arrival in the Grove, the Committee notifies volunteers, who deliver "Welcome Neighbor" packets to the new neighbors.  The packets include various materials about life in the Grove, as well as a message which invites the neighbors to become part of the association, and to attend a monthly meeting.

2) Every November, the Committee mails out notices to the home owners in the Grove for the following year's membership dues.  Using responses to these notices, the Committee maintains the association membership database and also passes information on to other committees, if a member has expressed an interest in volunteering for a particular committee. 

If you know of a new arrival in the Grove, or if you  have an interest in assisting Duane in the activities of the Committee, please give him a call or visit one of the association meetings and express your interest there!